Friday, 29 February 2008


I'm sitting here working on Pg. 17 of Tank Girl, and blasting out some nasty GnR...

It's 4 years to the day I had my last conversation with my friend Marty Fucking Emond.

He was in LA, and called me out of the blue. We talked about my recent 2000ad story with Gordon Rennie, of which I was immensely proud to have done... Marty had done 'White Trash' with Gordon, and I felt working with him was a right of passage.

Marty was his typically encouraging self, and enthused about his collaborations with Gordon.

I told him Alan Grant, the 2000ad and Batman writer wanted to work with him again. Marty was surprised and delighted...'Fuck yeah,man...get him to call me...choice!'.

We talked shit for half an hour, and had a silly upbeat conversation.

5 days later he was dead. I never spotted anything was wrong. I never thanked him for all his encouragement.

So... I thought I'd thank a few people... not being morbid...just feeling very lucky and appreciative today.

Thanks to David Tulloch, Simon Morse, and Michele Perry, helping a stupid teenager with a big mouth.

Thanks to my Brother and Sister, who put up with their moody mental brother.

Thanks to Alan Martin and Ashley Wood... for opportunities galore, and their friendship.

Thanks to Garry Leach for always being there when I need him, and always having the appropriate verbal abuse to dispense.

Thanks to all my wonderful friends... you know who you are.... Love you all...

Now back to the drawing board...

Thanks Marty...

Lots of love to you all....


Thursday, 28 February 2008

Lunch special...

Really... I do work occasionally...


and still doodling.. blacks on tree still not filled in... gotta do BG...


Art du jour!

I was up working late last night... trying to get back up to 2 pages a day... managed a page and half... grrr...

Anyway... my drawing board this morning...

Scribble time!


Saturday, 23 February 2008

Manga... and some sad news

Went to Orbital Manga comic shop today, for Ed 'Ilya' Hilyer's 'Best of Manga' signing and met some great manga artists. Met Ivy ling... she draws under the name Rainbow Buddy and her work is just great. Check her stuff out.


Sadly... I received an email about UK comic stalwart Steve Whitaker passing away. Steve's been unwell for awhile now... and I'd not seen him for years, but used to run into him a lot at UKCAC shows years past. A lovely guy, and big Jack Kirby fan. He was a great colourist and one of Comics unsung gems.

Raise a glass to Steve.... sorely missed. One of the good guys.


Friday, 22 February 2008

New Yoooooooork!

Oh yes... just booked my ticket! Really looking forward to the New York Comic Con in April! Hope to see lotsa you loverly people there!

Still not heard back from the bloody organisers Re registration... C'mon fellas... pull yer thumbs out!

Right Pg 11 of Tankie time...

Christian is colouring up a storm! really enjoying this book!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Eagle Awards 2007!


Well the 2007 Eagle Award nominations are open.

I've very kindly been nominated as an artist, and two projects I worked on, Snaked, and Tank Girl - The Gifting have both been nominated.

If you've got a moment go and and fill in a nomination form.

If what you want isn't there, you can nominate it, or ratify someone already there!

There's some great books up there... so get voting!

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Visions of Booga

Started work on our new Tank Girl book, 'Visions of Booga', out in May 2008 from IDW Comics.
Alan's written some classic Tankie action, and it's fantastic getting to draw this stuff!

Christian Krank, my collaborator on Snaked is colouring this new TG book, and he's doing some great stuff... The guy is a star!

Here's the cover Senor Ashley Wood's done for Issue 1... damn his talented fingers!


Oh... and the rest of my robot toys from Japan i posted home arrived! Just built the Soul of Chogokin - Ideon (Superb series! Soul of... Check em out on Ebay!), some cool Votoms toys, and best of all my jumbo grade ZAKU from Gundam!

He is my new bot friend! :-)



Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Clean your desk!!

How? How does this happen??

I try and keep things tidy.. but to no avail.
Still at least Gundam looks happy.


Here's a photo of Inverness, were Hi-Ex, the Highlands Comic festival was held. this is the walk from the hotel to the venue. I saw a huge seal, but completelyfailed to photograph him!


Friday, 1 February 2008

Exit Low Life... Enter Tankie!

Been a while...

I survived the trip to Tokyo which was absolutely amazing, staying in Roppongi, right in the heart of downtown Tokyo. I bought far too many plastic robots... but that's no bad thing!

I've now got a 2 ft. tall Gumdam RX78 standing guard on my desk.

I've just finished episode two of Low Life, with more crowd scenes than I absolutely needed... but hopefully it looks ok.


Alan's just sent me the script for our new Tank Girl mini series, and it's hilarious. I'm gonna start thumbnailing it this weekend while I'm at the Hi Ex Comic Con in Inverness.

I've also gotta finish Low Life... aaargh need more hands...