Wednesday, 19 March 2008


Been a busy week drawing Part 3 of 'War without Bloodshed', for 2000ad..

So on my drawing board this morning..


And by 2 pm... (Gotta finish this by tonight...)


Friday, 14 March 2008


Alan C. Martin's fab new Tank Girl novel is out now from Titan Books, Boys and Girls!

It's got a loverly new cover by the man himself, Jamie Hugebits.

Here's what a more articulate soul has too say!

"She’s back! Join everybody’s favourite beer-swilling, chain-smoking, kangaroo-lurving lunatic as she embarks on her first ‘proper’ literary excursion. Violence! Time travel! Midgets! Yes, tremble in fear at Tank Girl: The Novel!

Tank Girl and Booga have launched an all-out assault on the town of Chankers, starting with the church. But what prompted this attack? Could it have something to do with Booga’s nightmare vacation there years ago? Well whaddyou think?

Destined to become a literary classic — y’know, like Watership Down or something — and a mainstay of high school syllabuses, this is Tank Girl as you’ve never experienced her before: in attractively justified eight point serif."

It's available from Amazon, and other book pimps all over the frakkin' World...

Go get it....


Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Here's Johnny!

Check out the film my friend, the Graphic Artist, Johnny 'Deadstock' Hicklenton, has made....
'Here's Johnny'.


His film has been selected to show at the prestigious South by South West Festival in Austin, Texas.

Johnny's one of my greatest influences. As an artist he is uncompromising, and utterly original.

His work is razor sharp, very dark, and splits opinions like Sláine splits skulls... Just like Johnny himself!

This film chronicles his hurdles in the face of Multiple Sclerosis.

Johnny's managed to keep working, be a husband , a friend, and raconteur... despite constant pain...

He puts a lot of others to shame.


Johnny was part of the new generation of 2000ad artists whom made me aspire to be a Pro.... Thank you Johnny!

Here's a link...


Tuesday, 11 March 2008

SNAKED goes to Hollywood..

From Variety's website...

TITLE - "Producer options film rights to Meth series"

Producer Richard Saperstein has optioned the film rights to Clifford Meth's comicbook series "Snaked" from IDW Publishing, the company behind "30 Days of Night."

Based on an original story by Meth, "Snaked" is a horror-noir that follows the personal and political exploits of a government employee with supernatural, snakelike abilities.

"The political arena forms the perfect backdrop for Clifford Meth's heady mix of horror, sex and mayhem," said Saperstein, former prexy of production at Dimension Films, who has overseen pics including "1408," "Rob Zombie's Halloween" and "The Mist."

IDW released the first installment of "Snaked," whose publishers call it the most "controversial book" it's ever published, in December. The third book in the series was released on Feb. 13.

Meth will pen the screenplay, and he will exec produce with IDW Publishing prexy and founder Ted Adams. Shara Kay will co-produce.

Deal is the second film pact for one of IDW's properties in just weeks. Last week, it sold the film and TV rights to "Locke & Key" to Dimension. John Davis is producing.

Well done Cliff!
Kinda wish I'd got a mention... but hey... ya can't have everything can you?

:-) Ruf

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Visions of Booga!

I've just finished Visions of Booga, Issue 1, for IDW...

Drew the Inside cover illo about 10pm... had to get up early to shoot an ad for a Japanese mag called 'Pen'.... it was a Whisky ad.... I felt very 'Lost in translation'

Right... better colour in this basta, and then get to the pub!