Friday, 14 March 2008


Alan C. Martin's fab new Tank Girl novel is out now from Titan Books, Boys and Girls!

It's got a loverly new cover by the man himself, Jamie Hugebits.

Here's what a more articulate soul has too say!

"She’s back! Join everybody’s favourite beer-swilling, chain-smoking, kangaroo-lurving lunatic as she embarks on her first ‘proper’ literary excursion. Violence! Time travel! Midgets! Yes, tremble in fear at Tank Girl: The Novel!

Tank Girl and Booga have launched an all-out assault on the town of Chankers, starting with the church. But what prompted this attack? Could it have something to do with Booga’s nightmare vacation there years ago? Well whaddyou think?

Destined to become a literary classic — y’know, like Watership Down or something — and a mainstay of high school syllabuses, this is Tank Girl as you’ve never experienced her before: in attractively justified eight point serif."

It's available from Amazon, and other book pimps all over the frakkin' World...

Go get it....