Thursday, 24 July 2008

Childish Indulgences...

When I was a little kid we lived in Tokyo, and cycling home one night I was run over by a drunk driver.

In the aftermath of it all, the driver was terrified we'd sue him (He was a drunk cabbie)... little did he relise how easily bribed I was...

As is Japanese custom, he turned up at our flat to talk to my parents, and presented me with a Gundam toy... Iwas so impressed I'd have let him run me over again!

Fast forward 6000 years and my little brother Stephen sends me my battered and much beloved Gundam in the post as a Birthday present... I was as excited as a 10 year old...again!

Got me thinking that I'd like one in good condition to keep my battered friend... and he arrived today!

Hurray! Welcome to my robo family!