Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Work, Exhibitions, and broken bodums..

Busy couple of days..

Just finished Tank Girl Skidmarks #2 today.. then staggered into town to have a bevvie with Garry Leach and Will Simpson (Who was in town for the day from Belfast...) Good craic, and far too many beverages!

I'm helping Rich Johnson put together a Comic Art Exhibtion at Harrods (Yes, Harrods..)

I'll inform of our art choices when they're more formalized.

This week, I've broken not one.. but two Coffee Bodums...

Coffee and chocolate get me through the day, so this was both expensive and frightening... No Coffee! I'm looking for a replacement made of concrete...

I also drunkenly bought a WW1 German helmet on Ebay.... Eedjit.

I'm gonna paint it up as a Tank Girl helmet.

I'll post up some tit bits of art in the morn... I'm shattered!