Friday, 29 August 2008

Posssessed to Skate!

My super Number One clever brother Stephen has designed these decks.
He's always been an amazing skater, something I was always jealous of, as I was far likelier to make contact with the pavement than a hand rail.

He's been designing clothes for a while now, and branched out into all sorts of cool design work.

I love the simplicity of his work... I alway shove everything but the kitchen sink in... these decks look like old book covers...

Hopefully He'll send me more pics soon I can post up. (Hint...) ;-)


Thursday, 28 August 2008

Back at the board...

Spent the last few days in Cornwall.... gave a whole new meaning to windy...

Here's some little illos for the Visions of Booga TPB collection...




My very clever and talented brother has designed so cool skate decks, and if I can get permission I'll post them up. He's not only super talented, but the coolest loveliest person on the other. If you think your Brother is better, I'm sorry... you've been sadly misinformed.

So there.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

If I had a photograph of you...

Daydreaming about old friends, wondering what happened to all those people who meant so much to you yet you lost touch with...

I only had one photo album of my friends, and it wasn't stolen along with a load of my stuff when I moved a few years ago... It's sad how quickly you forget the contours of a face..

Sitting and drawing a little surreal back up story for the Visions of Booga collection..

Funny ol' Sunday... Enough melancholy, more coffee, more work.


Saturday, 16 August 2008

Skidmarks is go!

The Judge Dredd Megazine #275 is out this week, with the first episode of Tank Girl - Skidmarks. You also get a Jock GN ith the Meg, so go get it!

I dreamt about my favourite childhood programme last night... it was this show that inspired a pint sized me to be an artist. Thank you Tony Hart.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Lewis Leathers Westway boots!

Lewis Leathers Westway Boots

Today I escaped from my drawing board and went and met up with Derek, the owner of Lewis Leathers down at their new store/office near Paddington in London.

I'd been drawing a Tank Girl Illo and decided to give her my favourite old boots... Lewis Leathers Motorway boots. I checked out LL site and discovered they're now doing a shorted version, more like engineer boots, the Westway Boot.

Talking to Derek, you've really got to admire the time, effort and incredible attention to detail he's put into the relaunched Lewis Leathers. It's all made in the UK, and is really well crafted, and at the store they'll do alterations to fit everyone.

I'd become slightly obsessed with the Westways, and bought a pair, and they are great boots.

I'd highly recommend either a trip to their site, or far more enjoyably, their shop. or 26 Chilworth Street London W2 6DT, 0207 402 0863

I think my next purchase will be a new Bronx jacket.

Nothing beats the buzz of talking to someone who gets 'it'.. and Derek really has hit the nail on the head.

Please excuse my terrible attempts at photography, their site obviously has great pics.

The zips on the back of the boots are Riri, and unlike the previous 20 years of LL boots, they really deserve to have their LL crest emblazened on them!


and Tankie's pair


Birmingham International Comic Show 2008

The Birmingham International Comic Whatsit.

Alan and I have subjected ourselves to a rigorous preparation for this show, wrestling in our underpants, eating whole packets of Rolos and stirring lukewarm tea furiously in synchronicity to our faltering heartbeat while smoking soggy unfiltered russian fags stolen from the wreck of the Kursk.

We'll be there signing , drinking, performing illegal wedding ceremonies, and taking bribes.

We'll be signing at 2000ad's booth, and I think we're doing a chat about what'll be happening in Tankville... but let's keep it vague at this point, as I haven't a clue.

Come along and subject yourself to our averted gazes and mumbled curses.


Monday, 11 August 2008

Out with the old...

Well.. last week was shite.

First my external Hard drive died, taking a lot of unbacked up work with it... then my old Mac G4 finally got so grumpy that I faced the inevitable and put it out it's misery, (Don't worry kids, it's living in the country now...), and I smashed the new cafetiere.

On the upside.. new shiny Imac.. it's faster, it doesn't sound asthmatic, but I'm stumbling around Pshop CS3 like a 14 year old after a bottle of Southern Comfort and Coke. (Other fizzy drinks are available, but You'd be a fool to drink anything else...)

Here's the first illo done in CS3.. I'm playing with gradients for tonal work this week..

Line Art...


Greyscale Tones...


With a L'il Colour.


Well... I should do some work...

:-) ruf

Monday, 4 August 2008


Here's the B&W pencils, and colour art with logoes..



Sunday, 3 August 2008


In a couple of weeks the new look Judge Dredd Megazine will be out (Issue 275, fact fans...), and debuting in the Galaxy's greatest Monthly Mag will be.... drumrol...

Tank Girl - Skidmarks, a 12 part extravawhatsit!

Proving how generous we are, this 8 page an episode is actually 9 pages per episode, as I'm doing extra stuff for free...

Now if you're not able to get a load of the Megazine easily (Which you can order through your local Comics emporium, newsagent, or online at ) panic not.

Tank Girl - Skidmarks will be collected as a 4 part mini series for the amazing American market for the New Year (That's 2009, fact fetishists, and peoples held hostage without access to a calendar.)

Here's the cover to kick it all off...


Hope you enjoy it.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Cover rough

Here's a cover rough for an upcoming Megazine cover..

On the final art a lot of detailing has been altered.. I'll post up final art closer to publication...