Thursday, 4 September 2008

Superman's house in Cleveland

This pertains to the origins of Superman, the first superhero, and of course, star of countless movies...

In 1938 two Cleveland teenagers created the very first superhero, Superman. Today the home in which Jerry Siegel dreamed of leaping over buildings in a single bound has fallen into disrepair. Writer Brad Meltzer (Identity Crisis) became aware of this dilemma while researching his latest novel, The Book of Lies, and decided to start a campaign to save the birthplace of the Man of Steel. In this video you can watch Meltzer's appeal for help as well seeing the deplorable condition of the Siegel House. Several comic creators have donated items that will be available on eBay in the coming weeks, including CAF members Frank Cho, Dave Johnson, David Mandel, Michael Bair, and Ernie Chan, whose contribution is up for auction right now.

This building should be preserved as a national landmark and certainly no home should be allowed to remain in such a dilapidated state. The city of Cleveland has not seen fit to even affix a plaque denoting the historic value of the site, so it falls onto those of us who recognize the significance it bears in American culture to step forward. Please check out their website and give what you can.

It'd be a terrible shame to see another piece of history lost to indifference..
The house represents what 2 kids can do, when you use your imagination.