Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Planes, Tanks, and Automoiles!

To paraphrase from the title of the great John Candy film...

Well... what a week.

I'm doing the tonal work on Episode 5 of Tank Girl - Skidmarks, and thought I'd be really clever and have not one, but two double page splashes (I always loooved the Judge Dredd double pagers when was a kid)....

Of course, being an idiot of some reknown , I didn't count the pages, so I designed a DPS that went over two pages that aren't adjacent....duh... So I had to make the proceeding page a DPS as well.. so now there are THREE DPSes... perhaps overegging the pudding, but it is for the Christmas issue, so I hope you'll forgive my stupidity!

I was contacted last week by the Organizers of Amadora Comics Festival, the FIBDA (Festival Internacional de Banda Desenhada da Amadora), in Portugal... and they have very kindly nvited me over this weekend, so I'll be back on Monday with photographic evidence!

I'm really excited, I've never been to Portugal, and am looking forward to meeting Portugese writers, artists, and collectors!

Right...it's getting late I'd best get back to work!

PS - Apologies the Tank girl site was down, we exceeded the bandwidth, as traffic has doubled in the last couple of weeks! Thanks for all the support!

Friday, 24 October 2008

Tank Girl, Feature of the day on Suicide Girls!

Alan was interviewed by the most lovely Nichole Powers for SG's Feature Interview today..

and as an added treat, we'll have an exclusive page of art up at SG first Sunday of every month...

Go join, look at cool interviews, beautiful peoples and join one of their millions of groups!

Love and pencils,



Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Go, go, go Team Tank!

It's been a very busy week... Finishing off Episode #5 of Skidmarks... Created a monster for myself doing this tonework.... what was I thinking?!

I popped into Forbidden Planet on Shaftesbury Avenue at Lunchtime, and saw the posters for our signing.

I've been going to FP since I was a kiddie (and it was in Denmark Street..), and I have to admit I wasn't prepared at how excited I was to see my name in the shop. I wish I could take l'il Me forward in time... achieving a childhood ambition is strange... and I'm very grateful that FP,and Alan, have given me the opportunity to realise this small boy's dream.

My mac is playing up again, which is a real pain, and I'm waiting to hear back about getting a new machine.. this one has been a problem since word go.. grumble.

Well back to work for me!


Sunday, 19 October 2008

Is this it?

Here we go... from this Saturday's Guardian Guide.

Thanks for running the article guardian peoples...although it would've been nicer if you'd creditted Alan C. Martin who actually wrote the piece, and co-created the character...

Anyway... enough grumbling...


Thursday, 16 October 2008

Tankie in the Guardian Newspaper this Weekend...


On Saturday, Tankie will be featured in the 'Is this it?" section of the Guardian Guide (The magazine that comes with the paper...)

I'll post it up Sunday for yous not in the UK... or too lazy to walk to the cornershop.

Cheers, Steers, and Beers,

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Help George Tabb...

Hey hey Punk Rockers...

Our friend George Tabb needs our help.

George was (and is) living in Lower Manhattan when 9/11 happened, and since had a series of serious ailments...

He's ill now, and needs surgery, and like so many other artists in the USA doesn't have the Health insurance one needs to get the help that we here in the UK take for granted.

George is in the fantastic Punk band, Furious George, and used to roadie with the Ramones, which to me makes him some sort of apostle...
He's also a great writer, and all around raconteur.

Check out his website, or myspace page. Make a donation through his paypal. Every little bit helps.

Thanks everyone!

Rufus... Team Tank



Monday, 13 October 2008

Judge Dredd Megazine #277 on sale now!

Just got my copy of the Megazine in the post, with Episode 3 of 'Tank Girl - Skidmarks' in it.
Oh...and TG's the Cover star too!

I loved drawing this episode, particularily as it introduces one of my childhood heroes into the story.

I'm enjoying drawing this so much, I hope people will enjoy reading it.

Gabba Gabba Hey!

Thanks to my Dad for introducing me to the Ramones music all those years ago... My ears are still ringing.

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UKCAC - Comics friends reunited

Hassan Yusef, the organizer of the ol' UKCAC (United Kingdom Comic Art Convention shows... this name always lead to lots of scatological jokes) organized a reunion at a pub in Victoria on Saturday, for all the participants of the once yearly shows, artist, writers, attendants and retailers alike.

It was fab catching up with some old faces, and I had the good fortune of running into my old friend Roger Langridge, the immensely talented artist and writer. He's busy working on a very cool new project... I'm very jealous!

Garry Leach was presented with superhero cupcakes for his birthday, Mike Conroy was there too, (He's a really lovely fella) and loads of the ol' crew from Comics Showcase, my old home away from home, much missed.

I justed wanted to thank Hassan for yet another memorable night out, and all he's done for all of the Comic Scene in the UK, and for giving Me and countless others the opportunity to meet so many cool people.
He's truly one of our unheralded heroes.

Friday, 10 October 2008


Yup...it's come to this...

Alan and I will be in the Forbidden Planet Megastore, in London, on Saturday 8th November, signing and sketching between 1-2pm, or until they us to sod off.

Alan has the fantastic 'Cream of Tank Girl' book out... a Massive collection of His and Jamie Hewlett's fantastic Art, photos, and stories.

Alan and I have got the 'Visions of Booga' TPB Collection from Titan/IDW out, and of course, Tank Girl - Skidmarks in the Judge Dredd Megazine.

But we'll happily sign anything, Watchmen, Killing Joke, Akira... Bring it on.

Ruf... Team Tank


Thursday, 9 October 2008

Is this it?.... In Colour

Here's the illo for the Guardian Guide column.

It'll be cropped down, but we'll hopefully use this for a signing poster too.

Right... Time for Coffee and a some Divine chocolate for breakfast... I'm single handedly keeping the Fair Trade Industry afloat...


Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Is this it?

Here's the B&W art for an illo or the Guardian Guide, for there 'Is this it?' section...
She'll be reading 'The Cream of Tank Girl' of course!

I'll colour it this evening.



An open letter to a Bigot...

It's not often someone upsets me enough to write to them... But step up Rev. Mullen...


I urge you to write to this man, and help him understand tolerance.

Here's mine....

Dear Rev. Mullen,

I just wanted to express my disappointment at your recent comments about other peoples sexualities on your blog.

Writing childish, divisive comments like this do not paint you in a flattering light, nor aid your Church's standing in the wider community.

I would have thought that someone such as yourself would want encourage and foster an inclusive and tolerant attitude towards other people with who's views you do not agree.

It is in our treatment and tolerance of Other Peoples' beliefs, lifestyles and sexualities that truly we show our mettle, and on this I believe you have been found wholly wanting, and should publicly apologize.

I hope you may reflect upon what you've said of Others' and I hope you find the enlightenment to treat other people as you would wish to be treated yourself.

Rufus Dayglo

A Massive T(h)ank You to You all..

Well... I finally made it back from the Birmingham Comics Festival last night... What an amazing Weekend!

I'd like to thank all of the people who came along to the Tank Girl talk, and listened to me prattle and thoroughly put both my feet in my mouth! ;-)

I couldn't believe what a turn out there was, and from both Myself, and Alan, I can't thank everyone enough for their much appreciated support.

I did 3 signings, one on Saturday where I completely forgot to take any pictures, but we had a great turn out, and two on Sunday, one outside the Talks Theatre, and another back at the 2000ad stand.

Again, thanks to everyone for their patience, as I stumbled and babbled my way through the queue, and to all those who brought along their books, and the immensely kind person who brought me a Kit Kat... I love you. :-)

I helped Garry Leach on his painting demonstration, and it truly was a master class... what an amazing talent he is.

Here's a few badly taken photos from the tail end of the sketching, when I finally located my camera..

I'd also like to thank Leah Moore for possessing possibly the greatest sense of humour, and forgiveness, in the Western World... thank you for not murdering me after my pyromaniacical rantings.
It was a privilege and honour to meet Leah, she is immensely talented and funny, and I'd urge everyone to support Her and buy her books!

It was also great to see the Campbell Clan, organizers of the Derry 2D convention, and one of the loveliest Families I've had the privilege of meeting.

Oh, and little Isobelle, the cutest person I got to sketch for over the weekend.

I'm sure I'll remember far more over the next few days as my brain starts to work again... I'll ammend later.. now..

Back to work...

Your most appreciative Tank scribbler...












End of the queue! Phew...


My apologies for the awful photos... My Pulitzer Prize winning shakey hands strike again..

Friday, 3 October 2008

Hulk... Smash!!

Well... maybe not... I never could draw superheroes.

This is a card for Ned, for his 3oth Birthday...

He's a huge Hulk fan.



I'm packing for the Birmingham International Comics Festival..

Looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible!

Remember (Too remind meself..), Signings at 2000ad's stand on Saturday 11-12:30 PM, Sunday We're doing a talk at 1:30pm, then a signing.

Otherwise.. I'll be in a pub somewhere eating beer mats and drawing nobs on Garry leach's forehead.

I'll be back on Monday with pictorial evidence.


Wednesday, 1 October 2008

How Bizarre

In this month's Bizarre magazine, a piece about Tankie and the elusive pristeen16 project...

Thanks to Alix for doing this piece!