Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Planes, Tanks, and Automoiles!

To paraphrase from the title of the great John Candy film...

Well... what a week.

I'm doing the tonal work on Episode 5 of Tank Girl - Skidmarks, and thought I'd be really clever and have not one, but two double page splashes (I always loooved the Judge Dredd double pagers when was a kid)....

Of course, being an idiot of some reknown , I didn't count the pages, so I designed a DPS that went over two pages that aren't adjacent....duh... So I had to make the proceeding page a DPS as well.. so now there are THREE DPSes... perhaps overegging the pudding, but it is for the Christmas issue, so I hope you'll forgive my stupidity!

I was contacted last week by the Organizers of Amadora Comics Festival, the FIBDA (Festival Internacional de Banda Desenhada da Amadora), in Portugal... and they have very kindly nvited me over this weekend, so I'll be back on Monday with photographic evidence!

I'm really excited, I've never been to Portugal, and am looking forward to meeting Portugese writers, artists, and collectors!

Right...it's getting late I'd best get back to work!

PS - Apologies the Tank girl site was down, we exceeded the bandwidth, as traffic has doubled in the last couple of weeks! Thanks for all the support!