Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Lucky Lucy.... Saves the World!

Most of the best things that've happened in my life have had a happy serendipity.
From getting involved in drawing Tank Girl, to finding new friends....

Well... I saw a photo of someone with a really cool cat hat.... so I rather randomly sent her an email. I'm not in the habit of contacting strangers on the internet.. I leave that for the professional stalkers.

So..... I met up with Lucky Lucy (That's Doctor Lucy, kids), who is a scientist at DEFRA (Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs). We talked about bees, earth house, bio charcoal, and David Attenborough (Best Human ever..tis official)
Lucy's on a one woman mission to get people involved in Ecology,Our World around us, and doing things on a grass root level...even if it's planting flowers in a window box.

I've never met someone with so much enthusiasm, so much, knowledge and such a wonderful empathy for..everything!

Check out her blog...get involved. Now.