Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Cover in progress

A Cover I'm working on for TANK GIRL - SKIDMARKS 4...

It's only the under painting.. no blacks yet..

Love'n tanks..
Ruf..Team Tank Girl

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

MIke Western... a tip of the hat...

     The opening page from a new Tank Girl story.. (it's a WW2 type story.. !!!)

   I loved war comics as a kid, especially those drawn by Mike Western, who was one of the medium's greatest and most modest artists.

He drew Darkie's Mob, The Sarge, and HMS Valiant amongst others.
  His stories made me want to draw comics too.

Thank you, Mr Western.

Love'n Tanks..
Rufus.. Team Tank Girl

Friday, 2 October 2009

The cropped final art fro Issue 3!

 It has a an old paper texture added ( texture is Courtesy of Christian Krank), and a book exchange stamp I scanned from an old comic book!

:-) Ruf.. TTG


Coloured Cover art for Issue 3 of TANK GIRL - SKIDMARKS.
This art's uncropped.. in the final published version you'll only see part of her head.

   I painted the whole head so that I can reposition the art for Promo stuff, or to use as a poster.



Skidmarks 3

The Greyscale painting for Tank Girl - Skidmarks miniseries, Issue 3.

Art is pencil, and black acrylic ink on Watercolour paper.

Love'n Tanks,
Rufus..Team Tankie

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Thanks also to all the wonderful people who came to the Comics Convention in Belgrade.. Photos soon!