Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Beijing was insane! Here's some stuff from Ashley wood's blog on the show..I'll write more when the jetlag has worn off!
x x x Love'n tanks!


Monday, 21 June 2010

The Gathering... in Beijing ... and lots kangaroos!

Apologies for being so quiet, Tank crew!
I assure You've we've been hard at work organising lots of new stuff for you all!

I'm off to Beijing on Wednesday the 23rd of June for THE GATHERING Exhibition organised by Ashley Wood/3A.
I hope I'll see some of you there..
We'll be sketching, doing live art, exhibiting, drinking, and causing trouble!

We're also just starting work on our new series with Titan Books, 'Bad Wind Rising'.. and here's a preview of the first cover ( with unfinished logo)
   You can expect to see more of our marsupial friends real soon.

  Our Trade paper back collection of TANK GIRL - SKIDMARKS is available for pre order on Amazon Books Online, and will ship at the end of July..
   Apologies for the delay (It was supposed to ship June), it wasn't on our end I assure you... but it's been sorted out... if there's any more delays, we'll display the culprits heads on spikes... smeared in tar and burnt arse hairs.

Also.. TANK GIRL - The ROYAL ESCAPE #4 from IDW Comics ships in a few weeks..order your copy now!!

In August TANK GIRL - HAIRY HEROES ships from Image comics.. again order now, as Image Comics prints to we need your support!

Well..I'd best get packed!

I'll send a report from Beijing asap!

Love'n tanks,
Rufus, Team Tank Girl