Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Andenne BD Festival, and a new Cover!

Thanks to all in Andenne Belgium for the lovely, if wet weekend!
     It was amazing meeting so many great artists, and lovely people.

 Back in the studio, trying to catch up on the 8 billion emails, messages and other mailings..agh.. I'm falling further and further behind.. Please bear with me.. I am trying, just overwhelmed!

Just did the cover for 'TANK GIRL - BAD WIND RISING #3'  Tankie in the dreamtime... It'll be cropped on the cover as Americans object to seeing boobs on covers..although death, dismemberment, weapons and violence is fine. Go figure.

We'll have  the 'We hate TANK GIRL' TPB out in early December from Image comics, and the first issue of 'TANK GIRL - Bad Wind Rising' out in mid December. Order your copies now! We need your support!

Love to you all... x x x