Saturday, 6 November 2010

There's a bad wind a blowin'....

Well..just finished Issue 1 of TANK GIRL - Bad Wind Rising for Titan Books, and now gotta hammer through the rest of it!
It's looking really nice.. I hope You'll like it!

Above is a panel from it!

I'm now doing the cover for Issue 3, here's the cover rough... Modelled by the lovely, and beautiful Miss Watson (Many Thanks).    You can expect mucho Kangaroo action, heart break, and face ache in this series!

I'm off to Brussels on Thursday for a Convention in Andenne.. so if you are around..come and say Bonjour, and get a sketch!

I'll also be selling some original Tank Girl art in I'll keep you all updated about that ASAP.

Work is ongoing on the the 3A/Tank Girl project .. and it's looking good, can't wait to sow you all!

Right..back to work for me!!
<3 Rufus