Tuesday, 31 May 2011


      I recently sold a prelim piece of art that was done for the first issue of 'TANK GIRL  - Bad Wind Rising' Issue 1. 
  It shows Tankie in her classic TG gear, name belt, ripped leather leggings, and with pistols and bare bristols.
  On the finished, published cover I redrew her wearing a Kangaroo Kigu, as the series is about the return of Booga's Kangaroo Scooter Club... and I want to hint at the marsupial connection.

  The purchaser of the sketch asked if I'd redraw the cover, with Tankie in her classic gear... a redux version in effect... so I did this commission....

      Now it's time to get packed up for 2D Comics Festival, in Derry, Northern Ireland. It's gonna be a cracking show... I hope I'll see you there!

       Can't wait to see all my old friends, drink too much at Sandino's, and watch Mick McMahon draw stuff!  and maybe give Garry Leach a haircut.. we'll see! ;)

   I'll try and take some pics and post them up from the festival..I nearly always forget to take photos!

xxx Love'n tanks!
Ruf... Team Tankie Airmiles Club