Friday, 24 June 2011


 My lovely friend Cliff Meth (Who wrote our mini series SNAKED for IDW) has blogged about the passing of Gene Colan, the great artist who brought life to so many iconic characters.

          I loved Gene's work on the Dracula books.. his amazing ability to so dynamically and fluidly bring the characters to life, and his stunning compositions. His work is so far beyond anything I could comprehend achieving, and yet it looks so effortless, a true Master of his craft.

  If you can afford to,  please pledge a few dollars/pounds to the HERO INITIATIVE in Gene's name, to support other Comic Book Greats... These guys and gals created our childhood dreams, and now need OUR help.
Let's make a difference, and give back a little of the kindness they gave us.

RIP Mr Colan, thank you for all the beauty you brought us.... and thanks Cliff for all your kindness.

Nuff said.
Ruf.. Team Tankie