Sunday, 18 September 2011

Dee Dee Ramone would've been 60 years old today....

His music was the soundtrack to my childhood... (and, err... most of my 'adulthood' too) .

I met Dee Dee here in London in the 90s, and he was a very funny guy... I'm still friends with his wife Barbara, and as a tribute to him, we made him into a character in our book TANK GIRL - SKIDMARKS.

It seemed fitting he'd be a switch blade knife obsessed, skateboarding, racing car driver... in a red rocket powered VW with a pickelhaube on top (with the racing number '1,2,3,4!' of course!!).

Now the good folks at DEEDEERAMONE.COM have done a little article on our book, and how I met him.
They have limited edition signed books available too.... each with a little sketch!

I'll hopefully be designing some stuff for them soon too.. as we are all one big happy family... just like the Ramones.
Thanks again to Barbara for her generousity. xxx

Gabba Gabba Love to all the hoppin' Cretins!,
Rufus xxxx