Saturday, 3 September 2011


I was having a dig through a pile of papers in my desk today, looking for a lost sketch.
     This happens a my unique filing systems involves making lots of small piles, which then get transferred to big stacks, these then get hidden under the desk, bookshelves, and even under the bed.

This means I occasionally find stuff I've completely forgotten I've done...

I found this little bunch in an envelope. They were sketches done for Matt Smith (Tharg, to you), the editor of 2000ad, and the Megazine.

Alan and I had just started doing TANK GIRL for the Megazine, and Matt had commissioned me to do a cover to launch it.
     Matt asked me to have Tank Girl and Judge Dredd head to head... but I wasn't wild about that idea, as Dredd had already gone head to head with everyone from Batman to Judge Death...
    So my initial ideas were to maybe have her on Dredd's she'd nicked it, or taken it for a joy ride..  (These are just thumbnails, so they are very very rough)

I then played around with just a head shot (with hints of dredd, He's reflected in her eyes, and I added his badge etc..)... but I ditched these ideas, as felt I needed to really 'introduce' Tankie and Booga to the 2000ad audience..

I quite like the one with the tank on her head... but I felt it wasn't a good introduction..
So I then did some more full body shots...

The first I ended up using as our first promotional images of our TANK GIRL - SKIDMARKS series (In the final art, I separated TG and Booga... and intended to overlay them again.. but I forgot....and they were used separately!), the second piece I almost used for a Comics International Magazine cover.. but I changed TG and Booga around, and had Tankie holding Dredd's helmet... and hey presto... we had a cover... and my first Tank Girl cover.

Enough babbling... time to do some more work!
Love'n tanks!