Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Teething problems. The making of a cover.

Going through some old files today... I found these l'il chaps..

The second issue cover to TANK GIRL - SKIDMARKS.   This shows Tankie as a schoolgirl protecting her new friend Barney (Who has just started at Tankie's school)
My printed version of the cover

This cover proved problematic.. the publishers didn't like my all red colouring (My version on the left), so without asking an editor tried to recolour it, and did what can only be described as a fucking awful job.. (His is on the right) I threatened to eat his family. Thankfully, They used my version..... but only AFTER I kicked up a fuss.

   The editor claimed his unsolicited version was more user friendly, and 'pop art'. ...hmmmm..   It still makes me want to kill.... when in doubt, Editor's should ask for revisions, not take it upon themselves to do it.

The Editor's 'improved' version

Anyhoo...This cover was also designed by my son, Fin. Who drew his stick man version on a napkin when we were sitting in a cafe.
So... Thanks Fin.

xxx Ruf