Thursday, 6 October 2011

Oi! Big Ears!

This was one of the sketches where I came up with the basic plot for TANK GIRL - Bad Wind Rising.

  We'd had the series commissioned... but didn't actually have a story line...

I was rereading the earliest TG strips... and noticed that Booga belonged to a scooter gang, and was supposed to get Tankie's knickers as an initiation. But the story was never followed up.

   So I suggested to Alan, that Tankie and Booka break up, and the Scooter gang comes back for revenge.

Alan took it in a very different direction to what I'd originally envisaged, which is part of the fun of working with someone else. Having input.

   In my original idea... Tankie had cut off the gangs ears (One from each member) to collect a bounty on mutant Roos... (For beer money of course).... so they want her dead...and their ears back.