Monday, 13 February 2012

Staff Sergeant Tom Rabjohn Memorial

Staff Sergeant Tom Rabjohn Memorial 

      On October 3, 2009, Staff Sergeant Tom Rabjohn was killed in action when he discovered an Improvised Explosive Device was about to detonate. Tom had moments to act and shielded two other soldiers from the blast.

Staff Sergeant Tom Rabjohn
     Tom's friend, Mark Schweikert, a fellow police officer, has organised a memorial appeal to raise money for Tom Rabjohn's family.
     I've donated the original pencilled art to the cover of my sketchbook, and a colour print of the finished art. It will go live on EBAY in 2 weeks... I'll post a link as soon as it's live online.

     I hope you'll bid generously... it's going towards an extremely good and worthy cause.

Check out Mark's COMIC ART FANS gallery, and you'll see some of the incredible art donated, that will be auctioned off.

Thanks for your support everyone.

xxx Ruf

Artwork donated to the Memorial

Me and Mark Schweikert at SDCC with the Art and Print for the Auction