Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Euan....Euan Frizzel

      I just received an email, and I was saddened to hear of the passing of Euan Frizzel.


When I was really young he gave me one of my first jobs, and a start in Animation, in his little Animation company.
     God knows why he hired me, I turned up looking like a cross between Sid Vicious and Beaker from the Muppets, and was so unprepared/naive I didn't even have a portfolio... just photocopied Punk gig posters and some fanzines I'd drawn. But he generously offered me a position, and let me at least attempt to make a go of it! The hours were long, the work pretty gruelling (adverts and TV shows...all of which had to be done super quick), but it was a great training ground.
     Euan was a generous mentor, quick with a smile, with a gentle humour, and made you feel like a member of his Animation family.
     He gave me the confidence to spread my wings, and move on to new challenges. I'll always remeber him at his desk, drawing away, slippers on, and his light laugh at passing jokes.

Thank you Euan, You gave me so much.

XXXX Rufus