Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Had a great weekend in Brussels at the Museum Night Fever events!

Hanging out with TinTin

The famous Mannekin Pis statue...
Crowd outside the Museums!
Artist painting giant plastic sheet in the Musee de Art
Neo Rauch exhibition

Monsieur Pharmacist in the antiques market!! He will be mine!
Amazing Junk shop window...
Tin Tin graffito
Vintage market!
The mental Flea Market

Also managed to pick up some cool stuff... a great Katsuhiro Otomo art book, showing his original art ( all photographed close up ), a fantastic Daitarn 3 robot, and an amazing 1940s stand up anatomy model, I've named Monsieur Pharmacist!

Greetings from Brussels!

Mr Pharmacist and his new family in my home this morning!!
XXX Rufus