Wednesday, 17 July 2013



Finished, digitally half toned art

Rough sketch for final art

Here's a commission done for David White, who got my design of a Pirate Tank Girl tattooed on himself earlier this year!

His wife commissioned me to do something special for his 30th... and seeing as he's got my work tattooed on me... I felt it'd better be something a little special.

Sticking with the Pirate theme.... here's what he got!

I really enjoyed this piece... and was actually genuinely sad to see it go ( a rare thing)... but judging from the photos... he was quite pleased.

The Birthday Boy!

The correct way to enjoy your Birthday presents!!!

I digitally half toned it for posting on the interwebatron...... so enjoy!

Happy Birthday David!


Friday, 12 July 2013

TK 421, Why aren't you at your post?

TK 421, Why aren't you at your post?

While I was in NZ caring for my father I took on a couple of commissions, but singularly failed to get them done as I completely misjudged how busy and bloody exhausted I'd be...

But... back in London, struggling back into action, while up-ending my entire life (I've decided to sell nearly everything I own for a start...), I've managed to take a few days to do some drawing...

Here's the first.. a TANK GIRL / STAR WARS mash up for Steve Williamson.
I got very carried away... and draw  way too much...but when I designed it I had a lotta time to kill... but finished it finally...what the fuck was I thinking??!
 I added the tonal work digitally after inking the art...

I've got a few more to post...but they'll have to wait, as they are surprises gifts for various peoples.

Thanks to everyone for their recent support and patience... normal services will resume soon.

Love and tanks...

Pencilling final art over the rough on my light board.

Working on the inks on my light board

Finished inks next to the rough art on my desk

Detail of inked art