Sunday, 8 September 2013

TANK GIRL - Charity piece work in progress...


   Somehow I managed to survive my friends Chris, Rah, Rob and Lorna's joint 30th Birthday celebration slamboree last night where we all camped in the woods and were dressed like renegade Scout troops. Our team somehow won the competitions (Tug of war, buckets, capture the castle etc) and much drunken stupidity ensued...

   So today I'm back at work in the Studiudioudioooooh .... (absolutely covered in scratches and stinging nettle wounds from running about in the woods), and trying to shakily colour the TANK GIRL Cancer charity piece I promised to colour last week.
Check out their Facebook page. they will be producing TANK GIRL miniature figures for sale for the Charity!!
Many cups of coffee will be needed... Just finished the final linework...then photoshop o'clock!


Final art in progress...