Tuesday, 8 October 2013

NEW PRINTS.... (Hey...I'm working... honestly!)

I'm in Athens still, (back home to London tomorrow, le sigh...) and today I'm actually doing some work... well, doing rough designs anyway. Here's the rough art with some halftone...and the thumbnail design, drawn on the back of a flyer in biro, while sitting in Radio Bubble bar/cafe in Athens while my friend Spiros did his live broadcast!

My great friend Manolis at TIND Screenprinters will be working with me to realise these as Limited edition screen prints. there'll be a few designs yet to come!

I'll also do some GiclĂ©e  prints and some other stuff.
I'm working on a new short series idea, and also about to restart on SGDM .

The last few months have been a whirl wind of moving house and studio... and I still am considering a move much further afield...which I'm excited about if I can make it work!!!

Thanks to all my great friends in Athens!!!