Saturday, 21 December 2013

Merry Christmas

         A very Merry Christmas to all my friends and family.

This year has been pretty challenging, and without the help, love, and support of this fanbloodytastic Pirate crew I don't know what I'd have done.
Sorry if this sounds like an acceptance speech....

 There's way, way too many people to thank, or thank properly... but I would like to at least try...
Garry and Una, Finlay and Sevan, Ella and Jamie, Stephen and Amy, Ashley Wood, Willa Cameron, David Tulloch, Sofie and Chris, Sam and Silke, Dan and Emma, Lori Petty, Rob and Denise, Chris Slane, Tind, Becky Cloonan, My Cousins, and new family who got in touch, and of course, my Mum.

I truly appreciate everyone's messages,  goodwill, and support... especially in the last few months. I'm sorry if I haven't mentioned you by name, but believe me, I'm extremely appreciative of all of your kindness.

I met so many cool people this year as well... James O'Barr, Max Landis, Catherine E. Coulson, that fella who was a hobbit and Goonie, and a host of new friends. in the Middle East.. I'm so bloody lucky.

    I'm gonna be back drawing up a storm next year ( this year there's been too much family stuff going on to meaningfully get work done properly  ...and hopefully a few projects I've been talking to people about will come off... I'm hoping it'll be a fun year ahead.
Let's get shit done huh?    <3 p="">
Lastly, thanks to the Mercy Hospice, who truly were wonderful to my family, and father, Stephen.
If you can, donate something to them.... the work they do is incredible, and truly humbling.
Love you Dad.

Thanks everyone, I can't express my appreciation adequately....
I love you all,