Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Ten years ago to the day, my friend Martin Emond died.
He was a massively talented artist,painter, and raconteur. He had a way of making just about anything funny, and along with my friend Simon Morse, they became a double act, that cracked jokes, and made great art together.
Simon, Marty and I all worked above our local comics shop, drawing comics, and scheming and dreaming of making it as Pros . He was the pro...Simon and I were lost in admiration for our friend who was drawing and painting Danzig covers, and Lobo.
 We bonded over our mutual love of the Misfits, Fear, and other punk bands, and artistic heroes like Mick McMahon.
I talked to Marty shortly before he died and I had absolutely no idea that in less than 24 hrs, he'd be gone forever.
Depression and suicide is a quiet minefield most people avoid talking about, both out of embarrassment, and fear of offending anyone.
I just want ANYONE who's depressed, or needs help...there is ALWAYS someone who will listen. Your friends/family/councillor/samaritan WILL listen... just reach out. I know it must be hard....but it will be the BEST thing you ever do. Sometimes you have to ask 2 even 3 people to find the right person...but DON'T GIVE UP.
 I wish Marty felt like he could've talked to me. I wish I'd noticed he needed help. I wish I could tell him I DID get to draw Tank girl after all ( I joked I would, as a dumb ass wishful l'il punk rocker drawing a fanzine ), I wish I could tell him I met James O'Barr (We loved the Crow books and film), I wish I could see what he'd be drawing now, what ideas he'd have had... what jokes he'd have made.
If you need to talk to someone... DO IT... no one will laugh, no one will judge you, no one will shrug you off. We care...about YOU.
The world needs more Martys. Not less.