Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Inside cover, and Wraparound cover of the new sketchbook!

Interior pages from the new Sketchbook

 My new Sketchbooks arrived today, printed by my good buddy Jonathan Ashby at He's done an amazing job.
The books are 48 B&W pages and colour wraparound cover. The inside cover is a colour mini poster! Available at Thought Bubble Sequential Art Festival, and I'll make a limited number available in our Big Cartel shop after the con!!!

New Art book, 'Yeah Yeah, she's the one!'

My new Art Book, printed by RIPE Digital arrived today too, and looks beautiful, 40 pages, full colour, 14.5cm square. This will be available online with the sketchbook in limited numbers after Thought Bubble Festival!
XXX ruf

Art books have arrived! London Book Signing dates soon!


My art book 'Yeah yeah, she's the one!' Has arrived at my studio!! 

I now feel ready for Thought Bubble Sequential Art Festival and Malta Comic-con

I'll also be announcing some Book signing dates in London and St. Albans soon as well, signing 'Power of Tank Girl', the new 'Johnny Nemo - Collection', 'Yeah Yeah, She's the one' Art book, and my new limited edition Sketchbook!!!

Thanks for everyone's support!
Rufus xxxx

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

'YEAH YEAH, SHE'S THE ONE!' ART BOOK available soon!

The book, and bookplate, which will be signed and numbered.

Pages from the book, showing rough art, and the finished illos.

More interior art from the book. The paper stock is lovely!

The proof copies of my new art book 'Yeah yeah, She's the one!' Just arrived! They are beautiful!
The book is 14.5 x 14.5cm. Perfect bound. 40 pages, 20 illustrations, and 20 roughs! I'll have this on sale at shows!!
Thought Bubble Sequential Art Festival is three weeks away!

So happy with how it's turned out!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Artbook and sketchbook

I'm putting together a Limited edition Art book, which will have 20 finished illustrations ( Posters I've designed for Conventions, Print designs, Commission pieces) and side by side will be their rough you can see the before and after process.

It will debut at Thought Bubble Comics Festival, 15-16 November, in Leeds.

 I'll also have a brand new 28 page Sketchbook available at the come along!

My Drug Buddy. I originally drew this for a Convention poster about 3 or 4 years ago, but I lost the high res file as it had corrupted ( and foolishly I'd sold the original! ) so I redrew, and recoloured it. It'll be in my Art book, available at Thought Bubble Comics Festival in Leeds in November!


Saturday, 4 October 2014



Finally received a couple of comp copies of 'The Power of Tank Girl'.

It's a great looking little book.
It contains three full series that I drew and were coloured by the wonderful Christian Krank, and Ashley Wood. ( my lovely friend Ashley Wood only drew the first issue of 'The Gifting', I drew the rest, he did some finishes over the other three issues, but i actually drew them... )

It's a pity I'm only creditted as 'Dayglo' on the cover...and there's no acknowledgement of Mine, Ashley's or Christian's hard work within the book. But hey...that's Comics...and politics it would seem. I don't think it was an accident....   but the decision is not mine.

I don't get paid for these reprints (I received a princely £300 for this book as a flat fee).... so please, if you see me at a show... buy a book from me.... that's the only money I'll make from these.... by selling them directly to people...   but at least that way I get to meet and chat to the readers, and real Tankie fans. I love meeting you are what made this all work, and I can't thank you all enough for your kind support since 2007.

So fuck the politics, fuck the lack of credits...and credit...   It was our work...and Ashley, Christian and I are very proud of it.   Again, I'm proud of what we did as a friends. We never earned much money... we did it for the love of it.

We were Team Tank Girl... we dragged her back from the grave.... when no one else was interested, with the help of the great Chris Ryall at IDW (Thanks Chris, and Ted).
Thanks for taking a chance, and believing, like we did.

Love and tanks.... always.

Friday, 3 October 2014

13 Coins Launch at Rockwell house with Simon Bisley!

Thank you to everyone who came along to the 13 Coins Book launch and Live art event.

Painting art up at Rockwell House, with a piece of sponge! haha

Simon Bisley and Jim Vision painting art up at Rockwell House

Simon Bisley painting art up at Rockwell House

Simon Bisley painting art up at Rockwell House

Simon Bisley and Jim Vision painting art up at Rockwell House

Simon and me!
Cheers!!! What an awesome night!

Huge thanks to the Rockwell House crew, Jim Vision, Matilda TD, Tamara and Lola!

Huuuuuge thanks to Simon 'The BIZ' Bisley, Simon Davis and Siku...what a night seeing these guys paint fucking great!!!
Thanks to Mark Williams for the photos!!

Love to you all!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Live Art with SIMON 'THE BIZ' BISLEY, this thrusday night!

This Thursday evening up at Rockwell houseLive Art from SIMON ‘BIZ’ BISLEY, Me, Jim Vision, and Simon Davis (2000ad)
How many opportunities are you gonna have to see Biz paint live???
See ya there!!!