Saturday, 4 October 2014



Finally received a couple of comp copies of 'The Power of Tank Girl'.

It's a great looking little book.
It contains three full series that I drew and were coloured by the wonderful Christian Krank, and Ashley Wood. ( my lovely friend Ashley Wood only drew the first issue of 'The Gifting', I drew the rest, he did some finishes over the other three issues, but i actually drew them... )

It's a pity I'm only creditted as 'Dayglo' on the cover...and there's no acknowledgement of Mine, Ashley's or Christian's hard work within the book. But hey...that's Comics...and politics it would seem. I don't think it was an accident....   but the decision is not mine.

I don't get paid for these reprints (I received a princely £300 for this book as a flat fee).... so please, if you see me at a show... buy a book from me.... that's the only money I'll make from these.... by selling them directly to people...   but at least that way I get to meet and chat to the readers, and real Tankie fans. I love meeting you are what made this all work, and I can't thank you all enough for your kind support since 2007.

So fuck the politics, fuck the lack of credits...and credit...   It was our work...and Ashley, Christian and I are very proud of it.   Again, I'm proud of what we did as a friends. We never earned much money... we did it for the love of it.

We were Team Tank Girl... we dragged her back from the grave.... when no one else was interested, with the help of the great Chris Ryall at IDW (Thanks Chris, and Ted).
Thanks for taking a chance, and believing, like we did.

Love and tanks.... always.