Friday, 27 February 2015

Brett Ewins - In Memoriam

Brett Ewins - In Memoriam

My good friend Brett Ewins died on the 16th of February.... my first day in Berlin, my new home.

I'd done quite a bit of work with Brett, helping finish off his recent Johnny Nemo collection, and some Bad Company illos, and a proposed prequel to Bad Company as well ( we even did a few pages, and some character designs).
 Brett was a very generous and kind man. He helped out so many people. He gave many people there first break in the Comics industry... notably Jamie Hewlett with Tank Girl in his Deadline magazine.
I'd go and hang out with him in his house in Hanwell, and venture down to the pub, or his local Indian restaurant.. and we'd talk art, music (Bowie, of course) and various other topics he loved, like the Templars, Moon landings, and fashion.
We started work on some stuff recently, which will see publication later this year... and Brett was happy and excited about it...I can't wait to announce it soon.
People like Brett are what make me love Comics... He was a good friend, a beautiful spirit, and a gentle and extremely thoughtful man. I was lucky to know him... he was part of my family, and I love him, and miss him.
I know that everything I do is informed by his work, and his kindness. It's up to us to pay that forwards to others.
Have a lovely weekend, and love to you all.

Monday, 9 February 2015

"Get Lucky" Art show for Valentines Day, and Born to die in Berlin!

 Here's my finished piece for the "Get Lucky" Art show for Valentines Day .
It's based on the Classic Vivienne Westwood "Cowboys' t-shirt which she and Malcolm ripped off from an amazing illustrator called Jim French (who worked as COLT 69 ).
Jim French's original art. Thanks Jim xxx

Westwood's ripped off image on her shirt. Sid's favourite.

  I always loved this shirt, and would stomp around mistakenly thinking I was Sid Vicious while wearing it... so I thought it was the prefect shirt for a Love Sex / Hate Sexism exhibition.

I'm now packed for my move to Berlin at the end of the week. I have so much bloody stuff, I thought I'd never finish packing!!
   I'm so excited for the new adventures ahead, and so grateful for all the love and kindness my friends and family in London have always shown me.  I look forward to showing my friends and family around my new home town.
Lastly, congratulations to my dear friends Sofie and Christopher, who welcomed baby Edwin into the World yesterday. They are the most beautiful couple I know. I'm so proud to be friends with them, and they will be the best parents ever.

My love to you all,