Saturday, 14 March 2015

Fall in with.... BAD COMPANY!

 I'm really happy to announce I'll be pencilling the new BAD COMPANY - FIRST CASUALTIES series for 2000ad weekly.
Story will be by the great Pete Milligan, and with inks by Jim McCarthy.

Our dear friend Brett Ewins who pencilled the original Bad Company series passed away three weeks ago, so this is a bitter sweet announcement, but I'm really happy we can dedicate this to him, and keep his ideas in print. He was very excited about the new series, and was very supportive.

     Brett and I started working on a Bad Company prequel over 10 years ago (and did a few pages as samples, and designed some 'new' characters) , but his ill health stopped us from working on it. We did manage to get some Johnny Nemo stuff done though ( which was recently printed in the new Titan Comics collection of Johnny Nemo ), and a few Bad Company illustrations for Covers etc for 2000ad.
A couple of years ago at Thought Bubble Comics Festival, Pete and I started talking about Hemingway, and turned to more recent conflicts, and we proposed a new dark Bad Company...and it's been slowly gestating ever since... and finally it's happening!

Bad Company was one of my childhood favourite Comic book strips.... I want to make sure this series is special, as both a tribute to Brett, and as a love letter to the comic that inspired me to want to be a Comic book artist. in the first place.

 Brett was very kind and supportive to me when I was younger, and I want to pay that back in kind.
 Much love and thanks to you Brett, for your encouragement, your kindness, and your beautiful art and characters. I hope we can do you proud.